Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dumb things I'm thinking about

Dumb things bouncing around the brain right now...
  • Target has a wedding registry. So does Wal-Mart. Wouldn't it be hilarious if some engaged couple out there could register at a 99-cent store?
  • Why are there four empty cardboard soap boxes on the shelf in my shower? (Update: They're gone now.)
  • Why is it that ham and eggs taste good together, and ham on a chef salad is good, but the egg on that same salad is gross?
  • Much like my character Joel, I am an office supply semi-junkie. I bought a two-pack of black gel pens today, and I am thrilled. Whoopee.
  • Purple ketchup: Why?
  • I will watch the Academy Awards every year solely to see the annual Parade of Dead People. And every year, it's awesome. Yo-Yo Ma really sold it this year. (Naturally, the rest of the Oscars is a steaming pile of poo. That's right: poo.)
  • Knight Rider is on DVD! It's about time! (Although I probably won't ever watch it now.)