Monday, March 07, 2005

Last Weekend: More Details Than You Want to Read.

Well, Friday started with dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, then some of us went down to Kell's to see the Clumsy Lovers play their first of two back-to-back shows. It was exciting to see them again, especially so soon after their last show here (in February), because ever since they started touring full-time, their Portland stops have been spread further apart on the calendar. Used to be they'd be here roughly once every month or two, which was pretty sweet. But they've been signed to Nettwerk Records, and they have a steadily growing national fan base that they serve now. Thus, shows co close together (with another set on the 19th!) are rare.

After the show, we took a nice walk along Waterfront Park, and the view, though dark, was still fantastic. But it was cold!

On Saturday, I met my dad for lunch, and made sure to call my sister Julie to wish her a happy birthday. (Actually, we joked that I should have said Crappy Birthday, since the last two years' birthdays have been somewhat miserable for her.) Julie told me what our original last name was, which was unexpected. I thought it might be Polish Kostka, Kostrzewa or Kostrzewski, but it's Kostmeyer, which is very German sounding. I still haven't spent any time looking into it, but I will.

I stopped by my friend's, to pick up the phone I'd left in her car on Friday, then drove over to another friend's to give her a couple of phone chargers I didn't need anymore. I thought nobody was home, but it turns out that she was in bed sick with possible food poisoning. Of course, with her trying to rush to get everything ready for her wedding next month, I suspect that the stress was adding to her infirmity. :(

Saturday night the same group as the night before went to dinner at Thien Hong, which was good (Salt and pepper squid! Jackfruit smoothie!). Then we drove down to the Lucky Labrador to throw some darts and chat for awhile. That was cool, because one of us hadn't thrown darts before and it was fun for us all to show her how. Good times!

Wow, I'm really writing a novel here. Well, who cares--whatever helps me to remember this great weekend in the future is fine by me!

On Sunday morning I visited Eastgate Bible Chapel, which was a church that I used to attend regularly up until 13 years ago. It was cool to see some of the old familiar faces, friends whom I used to hang out and play volleyball with. Funny how the one time I visit after years and years just happens to be followed by lunch and a congregational meeting (like a church business meeting). I couldn't decide whether or not I felt out of place, because after all, that was my church home for a couple of years. Naturally, I left early.

I went home and immediately lay down in the hammock in the front yard (70+ degrees in March = naptime!), and a little while later, a friend called me wanting to hang out. I met her at her house and we drove over to Laurelhurst Park to play Sequence and sip iced coffee drinks. Despite the fact that half of the Portland population was at Laurelhurst to play, it was still a fun, relaxing time.

Afte the park, we met John at the theater to watch Ong Bak: Thai Warrior. Now that was a crazyawesome film. I haven't seen any martrial arts movie come close to this one in terms of raw authenticity. Sure, it's got a thin plot and so-so acting, but the people are just clobbering each other with real fists, elbows and knees. It was very obvious that people got hurt making this one.

Another friend met us for dinner at Gustav's in NE Portland, which was pretty darned delicious, and then I followed her home to hang out for a little while (defying common sense, since we both needed to get up pretty early this morning.). Very relaxing, and a perfect way to wrap up a perfect weekend. Of course, I'm paying for it now...ZZZZZZZZZZ.... :)