Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No wonder I felt so cozy in that apartment

On Sunday night, Nicole and I (and her parents) went to the drive-in theater to see Made of Honor and Iron Man. Interesting pairing for a double feature.

The main character of the first film, Tom, is supposedly the inventor of the “coffee collar”, or coffee cup sleeve. I found this to be interesting, as I love learning about the origin and manufacture of everyday products – I watch “Unwrapped” and “How It’s Made” for this reason.

Without much digging, I discovered that the real inventor of the coffee cup sleeve was a man named Jay Sorensen, who called the product a Java Jacket. The website for Java Jacket shows the company address as being located at 910 NE 57th St. in Portland – which happens to be four blocks down the street from an apartment I lived in for three years.

Small world, eh?