Monday, November 10, 2008

Three bedroom, two bathroom Ranch, nice neighborhood, washer/dryer hookup, foot-shaped hole skylight in garage ceiling

If you saw my Facebook status this weekend, you may have noticed that I said I put my foot through the floor of an attic on Saturday. We had gone down to Durant, Oklahoma, to help out with getting some stuff organized for some family members' upcoming move. I was in the process of moving everything out of the attic, handing one piece at a time down the ladder. There were a few sturdy boards over the rafters so I could walk around, but there were more than a few gaps, and while I had some picture frames in my hand, I misjudged where the gaps where, and my foot slipped off the edge of a board. Down I went, my weight pushing straight down through the sheetrock garage ceiling. Crunch! Nothing happened to me other than a couple of scrapes and a two-inch strawberry on my leg—thank goodness I was wearing jeans—but the ceiling suffered a nice-sized cavity.

This also happened on the day the house was listed for sale. I'm sure this does nothing good for the resale value of the house.

Putting my foot through an attic floor was never on my list of things to do before I die, but I have to say, I wish I'd thought of it ahead of time. It certainly added some adventure to the otherwise ordinary day. I'm already to the point where I can laugh about it.

Oh, by the way, I'm sure this is wrong, but even while my whole leg was dangling through the ceiling hole, I was already thinking to myself, This would have looked awesome on "Time Warp's" super-slo-mo cameras.

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