Monday, December 29, 2008

Why I am blessed to be alive

Thirty years ago yesterday, a plane crashed less than a mile away from my house. It was no small plane, either - this was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61, operated by United Airlines. When it hit the earth, in the middle of a large suburban area, it amazingly hit only two houses - neither of which had anybody home at the time. If the fuel-less descent toward the crash site had been just a few degrees off, I would not be here to blog about it. So, thank God for His protection, nearly ten years before I even gave my life to Him.

Here are some links to articles about the crash that almost killed me.

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Accident description at Aviation Safety Network

Official NTSB report, with transcript of flight recorder (PDF, 2.74 MB)

Survivor recalls deadly 1978 Portland plane crash (Seattle Times - AP)

(Same AP story as above, on with video)

1978 Portland plane crash (many crash scene photos) (Matt Camp Dot Com)

United Airlines Flight 173, Portland, OR (

DC-8 Runs Out of Fuel & Crashes Near Portland (