Thursday, March 10, 2005

I guess I can't just phone it in

Yeah. I was just looking at some of the settings for this blog, and I came across a "mail-to-blogger" type feature. So I figured, what the heck. I put in a secret code name (which you have to do if you don't want everyone posting on your blog), and then tried to send an e-mail from my phone to the address.

At first I didn't realize that Blogger doesn't support image attachments, so I just wasted some money sending them three times to no effect. Worse, a regular image-less text message hasn't been posted, either.

I might try to e-mail a post from the home computer tonight (or whenever), but it won't be the same, since I might as well just post from the normal new-post page on Blogger.

So that's that. I guess I won't be able to blog from my phone when I'm off on an exciting adventure. And I have plenty of exciting adventures, believe you me.