Monday, June 20, 2005

Sloughing off the dead weight

I'm already ready to get rid of the almost-daily doodl blog. When I started, it was daily; now, it's lucky to be weekly. And I even cheated once: I had three images uploaded, and back-filled them into dates I missed. I guess it was a good idea at the time, but in reality, I just can't commit to (almost) daily updates.

I'm also not sure about the Getaway Banjo Music fake news blog. I mean, it's a great way for me to practice writing and all, but it's not practical for me to try to keep it on a schedule, even if it's just six headlines every Sunday and one feature a week. I already took a one-week hiatus because I ran out of headlines. I'll give it another week before deciding what to do with GBM. But I'll dump the doodl page for now.

Update: A compromise! I have simply changed the name of the almost-daily doodl blog to the occasionl doodl.