Friday, June 03, 2005

Getaway Banjo Music tops Popular list at

Okay, so it's not a huge deal. As of this writing, it had a mere 10 clicks to put it at the top. But still, it's cool that new readers are showing up from some other source than me saying, "Hey, I just posted another new fake news story, won't you check it out?"

Although I have to wonder what is taking Blogarama so long to list GBM in their For Laughs section. I submitted the info more than two weeks contrast, ORblogs had it up in a couple of hours.

I plan on listing GBM on other directories soon. It takes a bit of time for each one, what with my aversion to "paperwork" and the like. It's just bothersome to keep typing, over and over.

I promised more pictures, but I haven't gotten around to them yet. Honestly, most of them feature the was just me trying to finish off the roll before taking it to Costco. But I'll find a couple of good ones to put up. It'll have to be after the weekend now.

I'm going camping at Pine Hollow Resort tonight, near Wamic, Oregon. (Where's Wamic? Too hard to explain. Better Google it.) I'm meeting Mom and Con there, and a bunch of folks they play music with. I don't really know what to expect - hopefully, I won't be bored. Oh, I haven't packed Item One for this thing, so it'll be a late, late arrival tonight. Should be fun.

I'd better go. There's a little more work to do before signing off.

GBM headlines might be late on Sunday.