Thursday, January 19, 2006

Out of the beaks of pigeons...

Once a month, I have to go downtown at lunchtime to pay for the next month's parking pass. I never, ever remember to have cash ready (and I never, ever write checks), so I always have to go to the ATM located right next to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Parking costs $70, and here's the weird thing—the parking company doesn't give change. So I have to take out $80, then find some way of breaking one of the twenties before going to the parking office. Easy enough, as there are several food vendor carts conveniently located on the same corner of the square as the ATM.

By far, my favorite cart of the four is Shelly's Garden. I may have posted about her Honkin' Huge Burritos before, either here or on 185. Shelly Sandoval, the owner/operator (duh), makes these awesome meatless burritos then grills them on each side before wrapping them up. You know those little square cardboard serving trays that every hot dog vendor on Earth uses to serve their product? Well, picture one of these, absolutely filled with burrito, burrito and more burrito. The "small" is anything but.

So anyway, here's the real point of this post. While I was waiting in line—Shelly's was the only cart with a line—I happened to look down at the ground in front of the adjacent kiosk. Somehow, a raw french fry had been dropped on the brick floor of the square, and several pigeons had taken notice. What followed was hilarious: a pigeon would run to the fry, pick it up in his beak, then try to bite or swallow it...but was unable to keep his grip. One wicked shake of his head would send the fry spinning into the air, landing a couple of feet away. This was repeated dozens of times. It was so funny to watch these little, stupid birds attempting to dismantle a simple stalk of potato. It looked more like a no-rules volleyball match than a pullastrine quest for lunch.

God is capable of using the antics of animals to lighten our spirits and remind us that He, too, has a sense of humor and playfulness.

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At January 19, 2006 at 11:52:00 PM CST, Blogger Katie said...

What kind of place doesn't give change? That's absurd.

I dislike all pigeons, but especially seagulls. Rats of the air is what they are. YUCK.


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