Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Speaking of calendar-related topics...

Today marks the anniversary of the first real post of this blog. Actually, I think I posted four or five times that day, but the first one is the most meaningful.

As you read if you just clicked that link, it was two years ago (February 29) that my close friend JJ Turner passed away. There will always be a sadness associated with that loss. At the same time, I recognize that for me, what sadness I felt was not for losing what I had, which cannot be taken away, but for losing the potential of a longer lasting friendship that would span the years. Knowing for certain that God's Heaven, where JJ lives now, is a place that I will soon go myself (whether one second or 65 years from now), and that a reunion with my friend is assured, that sadness has all but vanished.

See you soon, buddy.