Friday, February 03, 2006

Warning: Don't read this around mealtime (unless you have an iron constitution)

Here's a great way to kill an appetite, in case you happen to be *ahem* trying to lose those stubborn last few pounds:

As you can guess, this is a site with descriptions of mostly non-US common foods and delicacies. They have been categorized: Vegetable, Fish, Bird, Mammal, Reptile, Amphibian, Bugs, Drinks, Mineral, and Other.

Amphibian? Bugs? Oh yeah, you're in for a stomach-turning treat.

Non-delicious examples:

Patatje Oorlog (Holland): Patatje Oorlog = "Chips War". Fried potato chips with mayonaise, tomato ketchup, raw onions, and Indonesian peanut-sauce. When you eat this, war breaks out in your stomach.

Ugali (Kenya): White, opaque, almost tasteless substance served in a slice or lump. Similar to solidified wallpaper paste. Best enjoyed if almost starving. Probably similar to poi.

Snake Wine (China): A bottle of Chinese wine. With a snake in it. Quite a small snake, obviously, about 6 inches to a foot long. Not a boa or an anaconda or anything like that.

Hu-Hu (New Zealand): Hu-Hu grubs! Those who have tried these fat white globular bugs are split into two camps - those who think it tastes a little like peanut butter, and those who think they are disgusting!

Dookers (Scotland): It tastes like rotten leather, smells awful, truly really really bad, like the worst [crap] you've ever done x100,000, plus the way the store them on the island is to cover them in salt and wrap them in newspaper so you can read the date of the thing while its being prepared. And the claws, apparently, are the best bit.

So, who's hungry?