Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Great excuse for a road trip!

My all-time favorite live band, The Clumsy Lovers, are coming back to town soon, and several times! Actually, I'm surprised to see so many Northwest shows; in the last couple of years, they've really been trying to build a nationwide fanbase, and have toured extensively to that end.

From their Gigs page:

Saturday, March 18: Kell's Outdoor Tent - Portland Irish Festival
Friday, March 24, 25: Kell's (though not my fave place to see them, since the room's always so crowded, I do love their shows on back-to-back nights.)
Saturday, April 29: Doug Fir Lounge (now there's a great room)

Some of the other dates on their schedule make me want to take a road trip. (Maybe Corvallis on March 3.) I've traveled several times to see them before; a Clumsy Lovers show is a good excuse to road trip, and the reward at the end is fantastic! (For you St. Louis-area readers, think about catching their June 6 show in Springfield, Ill.—it'll be worth it. And Kristen, their July 2 show in Sonoma looks to be only about 55 miles away from you.)

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At February 1, 2006 at 12:53:00 PM CST, Blogger kristen said...

that's assuming i'm still in this area in july!! but thanks for the heads up.


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