Friday, November 02, 2007

Somehow, I manage to find a way through to annoy you during the day

Here’s a poorly-drawn MS Paint monkey for you.


In case you haven’t been watching today, I have been posting some test posts via email. I don’t have Internet access here at work, so I can’t post the normal way (this is why my posts have been more sparse this year, I’ll admit it), but so many times I have good blog ideas while I am sitting here at my desk that I forget by the time I get home. So I have been trying to see how Blogger handles things like Italic and bold text, hyperlinks, attached images, etc. I also tried to post from my phone again, but it adds all of that unnecessary junk at the end that screws up the columns. So I still won’t be posting from there, much as I’d like to.


I got a little worried a little while ago, because I forgot to delete the automatic signature from one of the emails, and it accidentally let some private information slip through. Hope any newsreaders didn’t save those posts. I guess if my phone rings and there’s heavy breathing on the line, I’ll know why. (It’s the monkey.)