Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This sort of thing happens everyday, Part 2

...and this story was on Yahoo News yesterday:
Driver seeking a brake job crashes

LONGVIEW, WASH. - Yep. It was the brakes all right. A motorist whose brakes were "acting strange" and wanted them checked drove through the front window of a tire store when the brakes failed as he was pulling into a parking slip, Longview police Officer Erik Hendrickson said.

No one was injured in the Monday morning incident at a Les Schwab store on Longview's Ocean Beach Highway, although "six or eight feet of the car was inside the store," Hendrickson said.

The driver of the Cadillac DeVille was able to stop by throwing the transmission into park, Hendrickson said. No citation was issued because the driver was seeking assistance for the problem and there was no intent to cause harm, he said.

The car was towed to another shop for repair.
And again, they saved the funniest part for last:
"This is probably the third time in 15 years" that a car has crashed through the store's front window, Les Schwab manager Ken Millus said with a chuckle. "It's pretty much the same spot, too. When you hear it, you're not even surprised anymore."
Credit where credit is due: I first read of the story on Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Daily blog.