Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Playing Eanie Meany with the music

I’m listening to Jim Noir’s album Tower of Love yet again, and today I have made a hilarious discovery.

Up until now, when I’ve listened to the iPod at work, I’ve always had only one headphone in – on the right side, so I can better hear phones ringing to the left of me. Because of this, I’ve (obviously) been listening only to the right channel of the music – but Noir’s songs have a lot of elements that are only on one side or the other. There were two or three songs that I usually skipped over because they only sounded like monotonous instrumentals that went on far too long.

Today, I decided to pop in the left headphone instead. And I’m telling you, it’s like listening to a whole bunch of new songs! Those monotonous instrumentals? Turns out the vocal tracks and some of the percussion are on the left channel. It changes everything.

Man, I love this album!