Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Perhaps the housing crisis had something to do with a ridiculously long-torsoed deer dispensing finincial advice

Every time I see one of those stupid Flash ads for, I roll my eyes and think to myself, who in their right mind actually responds to these? What on Earth does a dancing cowboy or a bobblehead Obama bouncing in front of fireworks have to do with refinincing a mortgage? And why would anybody make any financial decision concerning more than $100,000 based upon an ad that they did not look for, but happened to see while they were checking out some other completely unrelated website? "Gee, I just wanted to check IMDb to read about Martin Lawrence's latest movie, but this cartoon dinosaur with state abbreviations all over its body has convinced me to seriously consider refiniancing my $250,000 McMansion with a company I've never heard of. Thanks cartoon dinosaur!"

Well, I just ran across a blog that has attempted to answer this very question. It hasn't been updated in about a year, but there are a lot of funny, sarcastic posts devoted just to these ridiculous ads. Check it out, it's called Lower My Bills Ad Watch.

Oh, here's that long-torsoed deer.