Friday, May 27, 2005

Hawaiian-shirted bald guy, part 2

The bald guy came back into the parking garage again today. Different Hawaiian shirt, though. I didn't have to wait behind him, though - I was walking out of the garage when he pulled in.

Again, his music was blaring; although to his credit, he wasn't listening to Bryan Adams, or even a power ballad. Today's selection was Talking Heads' "And She Was":

And she was lying in the grass
And she could hear the highway breathing
And she could see a nearby factory
She's making sure she is not dreaming
See the lights of a neighbor's house
Now she's starting to rise
Take a minute to concentrate
And she opens up her eyes

The world was moving and she was right there with it (and she was)
The world was moving she was floating above it (and she was) and she was

And she was drifting through the backyard
And she was taking off her dress
And she was moving very slowly
Rising up above the earth
Moving into the universe
Drifting this way and that
Not touching ground at all
Up above the yard


She was glad about it... no doubt about it
She isn't sure where she's gone
No time to think about what to tell them
No time to think about what she's done
And she was

And she was looking at herself
And things were looking like a movie
She had a pleasant elevation
She's moving out in all directions


Joining the world of missing persons (and she was)
Missing enough to feel alright (and she was)


Okay, Baldy, this cancels out that other piece of tommyrot you tried to get away with the other day. Better have another good one next time....

2 Talked Back:

At May 27, 2005 at 3:33:00 PM CDT, Blogger Scott said...

That's got to be the best Talking Head song out there. So I guess he does have good taste in music after all.



At May 27, 2005 at 3:55:00 PM CDT, Blogger stan said...

Well, if I happen upon his car again, the next song will be the tie-breaker.


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