Friday, August 08, 2008

A pre-emptive decision

Well, so far on my 2008 commitments I'm batting .500 - I'm hitting it out of the park with the no soda thing, while 366 Days of Creativity seems to be hopelessly stranded on second base. Well, guess what, I still consider it success because I'm not 0-for-2. So before I start making too many ridiculous baseball references, I want to declare that I've decided to make one more commitment today:

I am not going to eat any Halloween candy this year.

I know it seems like I am making this decision too early in the year, but I think that there's a chance that some of the bigger stores (yeah, WalMart, I'm talking about you) have probably already started selling Halloween candy, or are about to very soon. In an age when I hear Christmas music in October (or in my head, earlier), anything's possible.

So that's it then. No Halloween candy in 2008. This also includes any bite-sized candy, even if it's not packaged for Halloween. Play ball!