Friday, December 12, 2008

Maybe there's just a lot of weddings this month

Every website that I've looked at about Pachelbel's Canon, otherwise known as Canon in D, makes no mention whatsoever about it being any sort of Christmas song. Often times, people do play it at weddings, but I really don't know of anyone playing it at a Christmas church service.

This does not stop the local "lite rock" station*, which has switched to an all-Christmas format (because nobody else will), from playing the song about every hour and a half.**

*For the record, I do not choose to listen to this station. It is forced upon me by being on radios in the background at work.

**Also, I should mention that I really do like the song, and that I actually don't mind when I hear it. My favorite version was arranged for a cappella singing. But I just don't think it's a Christmas song.