Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just knew those deep-fried mayonnaise fritters weren't the healthiest

A few weeks ago I had a blood screening done. Yesterday I got the results: High Cholesterol. As in, number-starts-with-a-2 high. So guess what. I have to eat healthier now.

I did find it a bit unusual that the number was as high as it was, because I have been using Smart Balance mayo and margarine for years now, and I’ve always had skim milk instead of 2% or whole milk. Still, I guess I have a lot of room for improvement. So I guess I’d better start making some changes. I just finished two slices of whole grain wheat bread for breakfast, and a container of fat-free yogurt (less than 5mg cholesterol). I’m still drinking only water. I’m taking this one meal at a time.

(By the way, I was only kidding about the deep-fried mayonnaise fritters. Yee-uck!)

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At January 29, 2009 at 8:43:00 PM CST, Blogger Matt and Lori Graber said...

Perhaps you will have to reconsider your baconized version of your blog? (Difficult, I know)

Our body does make it's own cholesterol (the liver). When we consume animal products, that's how we get additional cholesterol. There is good and bad cholesterol. LDL is bad, HDL is good. They should have provided you with the #'s of each, plus your triglycerides.

The main thing is you don't want your arteries clogging up with the fatty deposits.--That would be a bad thing.

I believe its a family thing, too, so, not totally your fault--it's in the genes....


At February 3, 2009 at 11:28:00 PM CST, Blogger Katie said...

Oh no! That's not good news. And the deep-fried mayo fritter thought almost made me hurl. YUCK is right! Stick to that salad instead of fries thing you had going for a while. I was always amazed you could pass up fries at McMenamins.


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