Thursday, January 22, 2009

Would have been nice if there were a couple of Benjamins hidden in there

I have a pair of North Face pants that I’ve owned for four or five years. I absolutely love these pants – they’re comfortable, loose, and lightweight. The legs zip off above the knees to make shorts, which is very nice in the summer time. They’re also cargo pants, which of course means that there are extra pockets on the thighs.

Today at lunch I was sitting at Nicole’s desk, eating my potatoes or sandwich or whatever, and I looked at my lap and happened to notice something odd. There was a little zipper pull sticking out of a seam in a very unusual place—below the knee on the outside of the left leg. At first I thought it was just the pull for the zipper that turns the pants into shorts. But that one has a little cloth piece attached with an L on it, so that when I reassemble the pants I know which leg zips onto which side.

So I investigated a little further, and that’s when I discovered that I actually have another pocket below the left side convert-to-shorts zipper. It isn’t very big, but it could easily hold my wallet, although it wouldn’t be very practical as I would have my wallet banging against my kneecap as I walked. But there it is, another pocket.

I just want to reiterate that I have had these pants for at least four years.