Friday, July 29, 2005

The Letterhead Project update

I have received some responses to my first batch of inquiry letters in the last week. Over on the right, you'll see under Open Threads is the "count(y) me in" link to the post describing, in detail, the project and its progress. I have started a list of the characters I am writing as, so you know who's who. (I'm using characters instead of myself, because this isn't just a quest to collect letterheads, it's also a continuous exercise in creative writing.)

This weekend, I'll scan in the responses and post them on a separate blog. (Yes, another blog. You knew this was coming.)

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At July 29, 2005 at 12:16:00 PM CDT, Blogger Meagan said...

I am quite impressed with your dedication to all these blog projects. I had another blog for a while ( devoted to music stuff for my students and co-workers, but I got bored of it way too quickly. Now it's back to just the randomness of my regular one and the myspace space.

Looking forward to reading about your letterhead project!


At July 29, 2005 at 12:39:00 PM CDT, Blogger stan said...

Well, you've seen what happened to the occasionl doodl and GBM News...not to mention Joel and Steve, Joel's Movie Grabs and Steve's B'Stuff...they're not dead, but they're definitely comatose. :)


At July 29, 2005 at 2:57:00 PM CDT, Blogger Meagan said...

Oh. Good point. Well that's the wonderful thing about online projects like your blogs--if you give up you're not really wasting anything but your time and if you enjoyed the time spent on them originally then that wasn't wasted either! Oh, and if they really become comatose to the point of no return it's so easy to delete and deny any existence. Another nice thing of the internet!


At July 31, 2005 at 6:42:00 PM CDT, Blogger Jim said...

my parole officer said he'd write


At August 1, 2005 at 2:56:00 PM CDT, Blogger stan said...



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