Thursday, September 07, 2006

And no, I never did have any Japanese ska grunge polka boy-band CDs, so don't ask

I finally finished weeding through my CDs tonight. I did a lot of ripping of songs to MP3s in the process. Obviously, I can't take a huge duffel bags full of 300 CDs to Missouri, so I decided to rip the songs I thought I'd want to listen to, and either store or sell the physical discs here in Portland.

And I did pretty good, if I do say so myself. I catalogued all of the CDs that I knew I wanted tracks from, 292 discs in total. (There were a few that I didn't bother to list, because I knew that they were going straight to the "sell" shelf.) Out of those 292, I managed to weed out 120, or more than 40%. I couldn't begin to estimate what I might be able to sell the entire lot for, but it'd be cool to get at least $100 or so.

The CDs I'm keeping

The CDs I'm selling

Debating on whether to post the list of discards here. Maybe if you ask nicely.

Next tasks:
  • Renewing my driver license (saves the hassle of getting a Missouri license then getting another Oregon one next year)
  • Completing my change-of-address form
  • Taking the insurance off of my Subaru
  • Finding a place to store both Subarus for a year or so
  • Weeding through (read: throwing away) my attic boxes
  • Boxing up all of my remaining belongings
  • Dismantling all of my dismantleable (?) furniture, and putting the rest in the driveway for my recycler roommate to haul off
  • Securing a storage location (know anyone with 5'x5' of smoke-free basement space?)
  • MOVING everything to storage
  • And oh yeah, having a bachelor/going away party this Friday night (it's not gonna be crazy, no getting naked, no strip clubs, don't worry)