Friday, September 15, 2006

Sit down...relax...lean over and check the mail...

In the vein of Stuff on My Cat, where people submit photos of a specific topic to a blog, I have run across a new awesome blog - Abandoned Couches. That's right, if you see a discarded couch out by the curb, take a photo and submit it.

It looks to be a pretty new blog, so there are only a couple of pics up*. So let's get cracking people! Niche pop culture is at stake! Let's make this the next Cats in Sinks!

[Abandoned Couches was found via Totally Unauthorized, an inside-the-film-industry blog by Peggy Archer, which was found via the Next Blog button.]

*However, Totally Unauthorized features the Couch of the Day, so there are many more abandoned couches to look at there.