Friday, November 10, 2006

Every blog has its thorn

I haven't posted anything here for a few days because I've been trying to continue writing about the wedding and honeymoon. THat's going kind of slowly, and there have been other blogworthy things happen this week that I've wanted to talk about. So, I've decide dthat I will be posting the rest of the wedding events only on the new Stanley & Nicole blog, instead of both blogs as I had planned.

Now, on to blogging: My co-worker pays the crappiest 80's music on her computer, all day long. This really only started about a week ago. Some of this music wasn't crappy in the actual 80's, and some of it actually continued to be enjoyable...until this week.

Some of the songs I've heard (I'll update this list throughout the day):

"Bad Medicine," Bon Jovi
"Welcome to the Jungle," Guns 'N' Roses <-- heard four times already today!!!!
"Paradise City," Guns 'N' Roses
"Every Rose Has Its Thorn," Poison
"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" Boy George (always hated that one)
"Cum On Feel The Noize," Quiet Riot <--heard twice now

Update: This is borderline insanity: This woman is OBSESSED with "Welcome to the Jungle". It's 2:10 p.m., and she's played it three times since lunch was over at 1:00!

Update: It gets worse, because songs heard from a distance are always louder once they're recognized. So every time I hear these songs, it feels like the volume goes up every time. I need earplugs, badly.