Monday, December 11, 2006

Dynamite with a laser beam

So last week I bought a new laser mouse. Not an optical mouse, with its blinking red underbelly, but a laser mouse, which is supposedly 20 times more precise. I decided to go with a corded mouse, only because I couldn't find a wireless, rechargeable laser mouse within my budget.

Well, guess what. The buttons and scroll wheel on the mouse work fine...but the laser no longer works. I was using it with Photoshop, when it began to act like a battery-powered mouse does when the batteries are almost dead. Then it just stopped. Now it's 100% less precise.

I have tried unplugging the mouse and re-plugging it into each of the other three USB ports on the laptop. I have tried restarting the computer. No luck. So I have to take it back, I guess. It's too bad I just threw away the box this morning. Hope I haven't shredded the receipt yet.