Sunday, February 25, 2007

More to come

Nicole and I took a road trip to Memphis this weekend. We went there to meet up with Katie, who was there on business, and had a great time. Along the way, we managed to drive in six different states (TN, MS, AR, MO, IN, and KY) in a 24-hour period. We also basically outran a massive storm system with possible tornadoes on Saturday night. So, that was fun. Also, we went to a good art museum, which is something I think I'd like to do more often.

We just got home not too long ago, so there isn't really time to process anything tonight. But soon, I'll be putting up a ton of new photos on Flickr (including many from before the trip); I'll be updating my "Last Five" list, because we watched some movies this weekend; I have a ton of new counties to update, so I'll add them and update the map; plus I'll probably blog about a few of the cool things, as well as the weird things, that I observed this weekend.

Stay tuned.