Thursday, March 27, 2008

366 Days update

Well, I’m still about three weeks behind schedule on the 366 Days project, and the reality is that it’ll be a long time before I can catch up. And that’s fine, I’m not giving up or anything. I have just been trying to think of any ways that I can speed up the process, and I think I have.

My idea means that there will be days when there is no single-panel comic, because I’ll be doing something else. What I am going to do is a little concept called Movie Grabs, which is something I have done before, as any readers of my old comic strip Joel and Steve will remember.

In that comic strip, the character of Joel Bedford was a movie reviewer for a radio station, and he freelanced reviews in a few periodicals. Accompanying each of Joel’s printed articles was always a screen shot of the film he was reviewing – well, almost. It had the title of the movie as the caption, but the image itself was something completely different, although it was related to the title in some way. For example, when he reviewed Jersey Girl, his screen shot (or Grab) was an image of a Jersey cow. The Good Shepherd, starring Matt Damon, featured a photo of Cybill Shepherd, holding a shepherd’s cane for good measure.
I’m not sure when I am going to start producing the Movie Grabs instead of single-panel comics. It will be soon, though, as soon as I can work out an easy template to work with.

And in case you are wondering, even though it’s tempting for me to just post some of the old Movie Grabs I made a few years ago, I think it would kind of be cheating, because the point is that I want to be creative every day, not just upload something merely to meet a schedule. (And yes, I know that a few of the comics I’ve posted this year were re-draws of earlier ideas, but I still created the new drawings for the project.)

Update update: Since I have been getting to bed really late all week due to drawing the comics, I have decided that I am not going to draw one tonight. If I started now, I'd realistically be in bed at 2:00 or later. I did draw a couple of things today, so I'm still keeping up with the commitment...I'm just not doing anything formally.

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At April 2, 2008 at 12:57:00 AM CDT, Blogger nitsuj said...

Movie grabs are back! Woo!


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