Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Answered prayer!

God is faithful!

Today was a trying day, as far as faith goes, because there were several things going on with people who are close to me that required prayer. Out of respect for two parties' privacy, I won't actually give any details about their situations that needed prayer, but I will say that those prayers were definitely answered. One person's situation will need continued prayer, especially in the next couple of days, but I am confident that God's will will triumph.

God has a purpose for me. Of this I am sure. I can sit here and wonder why He hasn't opened a door to my next place of employment, but then I can marvel at His timing, because of what He's been able to accomplish now that my time has been unrestricted these last few days. I've been able to help my sister move into her new place, when she's unavailable to move herself due to a demanding work schedule; I've been able to drive up to my dad's in Vancouver to pick him up when his car wouldn't start, and provide him with a temporary vehicle until his is fixed. (Thank the Lord for providing me with a second car, and the money to pay for insurance!)

Of course, I know that this season of unemployment can only last for so long, until my own financial situation becomes desperate. This is why I am now turning to you, reader, for help. Will you pray for me? I know full well that it is only the Lord who provides me with the resources necessary to sustain my life, but He does so through my abilities and skills, in order that I can earn the money for myself. I have newly recommitted to giving Him ten percent of my income, whatever it may be, and I've already had to "sell Him short" because of the lack of said income. 10% x $0 = $0!

I long to continue in His word, but first I need the self-discipline to open it on a regular basis. I keep hearing Him speak to my heart these three simple words: "Come to Me." If He says it enough times, it'll eventually stick, but sometimes I still ignore it when I hear it. However, I should not be motivated to come to Him by my shame; He has fully covered me with His grace, and is always ready to restore me to Him when I am ready to return. Malachi 3:7 says, "'Return to me, and I will return to you,' says the LORD." Sounds like an old Dean Martin tune, or a David Duchovny movie, but it's the trusted word of God Almighty that He will truly reconstruct any broken relationship (or begin any nonexistent relationship!) with Him.

Pray for me, and I will pray for you. (I'll pray for you, regardless!)

He is faithful, indeed!