Monday, March 21, 2005

Stacks, Puddles, Millions and Balderdash

So let's see, what was my weekend like?

As I mentioned earlier, my Friday night plans were to head to the coast. A friend of mine came to where I work and picked me up, and from there we headed straight to the beach. After dropping our stuff off in the beach cabin, we took a walk down to the water, and hiked over to a nearby honkin'-huge rock (otherwise known as a stack) to climb it. From a distance it looked tricky, but once we got up close, we could see how easy it was to climb. We made it off of the rock just in time, before it got too dark to see, and before the tide started closing in around us. Once we were back on the sand, some other people were pointing to the waves where they had seen some seals. I strained, but was unable to see any. My friend saw one, though.

We made it back to the cabin just before it started raining, although we did have to step out briefly to collect some wood for the fireplace. We needed lots of kindling, and I took far too great delight in swinging the ax to split the wood. Far too great. Later on, we had a delicious lasagna dinner, then played some games with my friend's parents before calling it a night. And it was a cold night, at least in my room. It's funny - I had the choice of whichever room I wanted, and I chose the one with no air coming out of the heat register. But I survived.

After coming back to town in the pouring rain, I tried to transfer my stuff to my car as dryly as possible. I had two games and a borrowed book wrapped inside my unused (therefore dry) towel. But, like an idiot, the phrase "taking two trips" didn't occur to me; having everything in my arms at once and needing to unlock my car door, I dropped the towel-wrapped merchandise all over the puddly parking lot and partially underneath the car. RrrrRRRrrgh. Fortunately, the book (Blue Like Jazz, in case you want to know) has a plastic-coated cover, so there was minimal water damage. But the game boxes got pretty wet.

I ran a couple of errands after that, visiting the too-crowded Clackamas Town Center, and the Kinko's across the freeway. I then went home for couple of hours, before hooking up with a group for dinner at El Indio. I didn't have time to order anything, as I was so completely late, but someone had some leftovers I was able too mooch. We then carpooled downtown to see the new film Millions (some of us for the second time - a free screening last Wednesday was the first), which I recommend to just about everybody. And I say "just about" because I'm assuming that there are some people in this vast world who think that movies are a waste of time no matter how good they are. But I digress. What was I talking about? Puppies? Gobots? I forget.

Sunday lunch was at Red Robin, where it seemed like half of the patronage had familiar faces. The people I was with recognized more friends than I did. It does seem like every time I go, though, there are at least two different friends I happen to bump into. I guess it's just the place to be.

When I came home, I remembered that those games (the ones I had dropped) were still in the car, so I went to the back door to take them out. What I didn't realize was that one of them, Water Works, had slid into the space between the seat and the door, so when I opened the door, guess what? It fell to the wet ground again. This time, the top came off of the box, and the wind started scattering cards and wrenches everywhere. Thankfully, I recovered everything that had blown away, including the rule sheet, but I was kinda T.O.'d about it. And the game wasn't ruined, either, but I'll be putting a big rubber band around that box before I take it anywhere again.

Sunday night was a low-key chat and game night with eight other people. We played Balderdash, which I think I'm somewhat good at, but in the early rounds I was just stinking it up. My definitions were too obviously fake, because I was trying too hard. Finally, I was able to attract some guesses, and I even guessed the actual definition on one word. Go me.

I guess that's it. It's Monday now, so my awesome weekend is definitely over. At least there is another one in a few days!