Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My yogurt made the grade

So I'm eating a cup of yogurt right now, and I look at the printed label. It says that this is Grade A Nonfat Yogurt. Grade A. Is there any point to putting this on there? Seriously, does anyone even sell Grade B or lower?

It's like Fancy ketchup. Every ketchup I have ever seen is Fancy. Why is even called Fancy? Does that mean that it's suitable for consumption at a formal dinner in a mansion? Because when I'm squirting it over a paper plate piled with tater tots, I'm really not thinking, "By Jove, this is Fancy ketchup. I should be using the fine china!"

Hmm, maybe I should have poured the yogurt into a fancy crystal goblet before eating it.

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At November 1, 2005 at 1:36:00 PM CST, Blogger kristen said...

i don't think heinz is labeled as fancy...unless it's in a packet form...maybe...

i don't think grade b or lower is sold at regular supermarkets, but i bet if you went to some kind of dairy store they might have it.

i like that you said "by jove!"


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